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Pre-Order “Am I A King?” Today


I just wanted to share the exciting news that my next book, AM I A KING is going to be released soon. Okay, so I know that I’ve talked about this book and talked about this book because I originally wrote this book for my newest piece of happiness-my only grandson KING! Granted I could buy him the newest shoes on the market, the most adorable baby blankets, clothes and etc, but I wanted to give something that I’m sure he will cherish for a lifetime.

For those of you that have followed my writings you know that I’m an author that loves writing about my personal life experiences, so you know writing a children’s book was totally out of my element.

Am I a King, A Book From YaYa was not only written with my KING in mind but it was also written for you and your kings. This book helps young boys to understand why their existence matters to our society because they are kings.

Be the first to order this book now, PRE ORDER NOW via PayPal Order NOW. The regular price of Am I a King will be $12.99 purchase now for only $8.99. This includes shipping too for domestic orders only. Order Now!

Am I A King Book Cover


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