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Reasons You Should Stop Chasing People and Stop Trying So Hard To Fit In

Reasons You Should Stop Chasing People and Stop Trying So Hard To Fit In


Chasing people and trying to fit in is nothing to be ashamed of because oddly enough, we all have tried to force our way into groups and circles at some point in our lives.  Thinking about it now, most of us probably feel like wow what a waste of time to try to force my way into an unwanted group or circle, but I don’t want you to focus on the time wasted. I want you to now focus on why you don’t have that kind of time anymore to chase people.

One of the stories that I wrote in my first book, Words of Inspiration: 100 Days of Words, I remember writing about being in a group of people that I knew I didn’t fit into. Of course, I had my reasons as to why I wanted to fit into this group that I had nothing in common with, but my reasoning behind forcing my way into this group was simply because I didn’t want them to talk about me, which probably happened anyway. Thinking back on it I thought if I suppressed my feelings and conformed to this group’s beliefs they would be more accepting of me and would like me more. I still feel I wasted alot of my time, but the more you know the more you grow.

One thing we don’t realize when we’re attempting to chase people is some of the people that we are running after are not even on our level for one reason or another. Alot of times, we see something we want and it looks amazing on the outside and once we see it up close and personal, we realize ugh this aint even for me!

I want anyone reading this message right now to understand how valuable you are. That’s the first thing I want you to get out of this story. When you start to value you and realize how important you are, you will realize you are better than just fitting in. When you know your worth, you will immediately stop chasing and start accepting the people that genuinely love and support you for who you are right now and not the person others attempt to force you to be.  

For anyone reading this right now, know that the only thing you should be chasing is your destiny!

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