Writing Tips|Three Quick Tips To Help You On Your Writing Journey


If you’re reading this, you should know why these tips will be important to you.

Most people have a hard time writing because they write as if writing is a chore similar to homework. However, when you write about things that inspire you, then you start to realize why your writing is important and why you should do more of if.

As an author and writing coach, I always get the question, ”what do I write about?” Actually, it sounds like this, ”I love to write but…” or ”I want to write a book but..”

If you’ve ever said or thought one or both of those statements, this blog is for you.

So first, let’s talk about what should you write about?

  1. Write About YOURSELF

Believe it or not people love reading about you. Writing about who you are and your family history is super interesting. I think one reason people have a hard time believing that others are interested in their lives is because we assume the people reading about us is strictly from the United States. Which is totally untrue! Remember when you’re writing, you should put yourself in a box. Writing opens doors to many possibilities so don’t assume, minimize your writing and don’t overthink writing-it’s not as hard as you’re making it.

2)Write About NATURE

3)Write About History

4)Write About Your Kids or Your Pets

5) Write About Something You Love-Your Passion

6) If you own a business, you would want to use your writing as your expertise of your business.


I guess the main thing to discover is IS WRITING REALLY FOR YOU? If writing is not for you but you still want to “write” a book that’s doable too but we will talk about that on our little writing chat.

On the other hand, if you made the decision that writing is really for you then, my tips will help you!

Before I go through these writing tips I want to remind you of two things 1) Share this blog with your friends 2) Ask Questions-Leave them in the comment section

Here’s three tips to help you on your writing journey:

First things first, FIND YOUR WRITING NICHE. I put those words in all caps because some people tend to write based on the topics that they see other writers already writing about and then get quickly discouraged when they don’t see the following or popularity that they expected. This is the main reason you want to write about YOUR passion so your following grows based on your authenticity.

Second Tip:

Remember that your writing is the SOLUTION to someone’s problem. If you are an amazing cook then write about solving the problematic issues of the kitchen. For example, for me or others out there, we would appreciate knowing the difference between baking soda or baking powder. This may be simple for you but for someone who is not so kitchen savvy, you are solving a problem. Your writing will always remain relevant when you are the problem solver.

Third and final tip: Start writing!

Stop doubting your writing. Stop making excusing and just dig into this writing! Get into it!

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