Writing Tips| Tips To Help You With Your FIRST Book! {“I Want To Write A Book, But Where Do I Start?”}

If you’ve ever said I want to write a book, BUT… this message is for you!

Book Writing Tips


First, when considering writing or creating a book understand that nothing is magic.In saying that, please understand that there are ways to make creating your book easier but you will need to produce the writing. Unless you want to use the ghostwriting method, which I will talk about in my future writings.

So when you’re even considering a book please please please first do your research. Alot of people want the easy way out when writing a book and they don’t want to do any of the leg work. Which is perfectly fine, just know that you will always pay for what you don’t know!

It’s almost like when you take your car to get an oil change and pay $500 when the price for an oil change is under $150 for most cars. Again, you pay a hefty price for things you don’t know.

So now that’s out of the way, let’s talk books, shall we?

A lot of aspiring authors think that writing a book is super hard and that’s because most beginners think of the book as a total package. When you think of writing, proofreading, editing, publishing, and the list goes, yes THINKING about it could get overwhelming. We forget that as writers that we should only focus on WRITING. Honestly writing a book is no different than anything else that we’ve had to break down into smaller chores to get accomplished. If you think of that chore that you dread only because it’s so difficult, remembering how you finished the task. Some of you break down chores into baby assignment and schedule times to get it done. Some of you do what you can and call someone in to complete the rest. Writing a book is just that simple! You do the writing and allow someone else to do the rest.

Listen to me when I say, just start writing! For every excuse that you have about writing a book remember to just start writing.

“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.”

 Jodi Picoult

If you know you were destined to write a book but have writer’s block be sure to read, Three Quick Tips To Help You On Your Writing Journey

Remember to be a good writer, you should also be a good reader. Be sure to find amazing authors and read their work. Personally, I follow local authors to follow so that I can ask questions about their book directly from social media. Super cool experience!

Have questions? NEED HELP. FEEL free to leave them below…

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