Writing Tips| Tips For Small Business Owners & Aspiring Authors {Why You Should Be Writing}

Write Now| Talk Later {series}

Why You Should Be Writing Instead of Talking|How Writing Can Add to Your Income

Hello Future Authors,

This message is for you! Before I tell you why you should spend more time writing instead of talking, I want to share with you the mistakes you are making by NOT writing.

Believe it or not, I’ve been where you’ve been and I know what you’re thinking when it comes to writing your FIRST book.

Here are a few mistakes that we all make when we think of writing:

  • We don’t value our writing. A lot of us will post everywhere but where it really matters. For example, we are super comfortable posting on all social media outlets but when it comes to publishing our work either on a blog or in a book, we tend to shut down. Let me be the one to tell you that now is NOT the time to clam up with your writing.
  • We feel our writing is not good enough. Surprise, surprise, surprise! Your writing is actually better than some of the writing that’s already out there selling on the market. The only difference between them and you are they were bold and brave enough to publish and you weren’t.
  • We waste valuable time ranting instead of writing. Sometimes we forget where to channel our writing energy. I’m guilty of them. I can remember times that I’ve gone back and forth via text or email over things that really didn’t even matter. Whether it was a petty disagreement or whatever it wasn’t energy well spent.

As I share the reasons you should be writing instead of talking, I want you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What fears and anxieties do I have when I think of writing a book?
  • Who are what is keeping me from writing?

Here are a few reasons you should bee writing instead of talking:

You want to write to REACH A LARGER AUDIENCE

If you are a business owner-REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU DO, you should be using writing as another way to build your business and your audience. When you’re not you are leaving money on the table. Here’s an example: I may not ever use or need a fashion stylist but I would really enjoy reading his or her book. Especially a book that provides tips on which colors work on camera and which ones don’t. I would thoroughly enjoy reading a book on that. When you think of writing I want you to think of writing as real estate. The more you write, the more you take up a piece of property.

You want to write to EDUCATE your current customers or POTENTIAL customers

Again, regardless of what you do in your small business or even if you just have a hobby, you should be educating your audience on why what you do is important. Especially if you are in the beauty industry. Writing gives you another to educate your customers on skin and hair care and etc. In addition, writing gives you a leg up on your competition in your industry because most people that offer a service, mostly just offer their services and go. You, on the other hand, could offer your service or products and also provide a bonus Ebook or sell a hardback.  This is a way for you to dominate your market!

Drumroll Please….

Here’s were the getting gets good.

Writing provides you EXTRA MONEY!

Once you’ve decided to bottle wants in your mind and sell it, you are then able to PUBLISH what you wrote and earn money from it. Yes, there is money in writing and publishing, especially if you self-publish. {I will talk to you all about self-publishing in my upcoming tutorials} According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, writers make close to 62,000 per year and that’s $29.80 per hour. Please keep in mind that these stats were from 2018 and it’s currently 2020, so I’m sure those numbers have increased. Also, keep in mind if you already have a side business you only want a piece of that pie.

Okay so let’s move on to your platform and where would you sell your books.

There are plenty of ways and plenty of places to sell your books but for now, we will talk about the most relevant-AMAZON!

Amazon is the biggest platform for most products right now but for now, I will just address what they are doing for the future writers of America. Scraphero says that in 2017, Amazon US sold more than 606 million products, which means Amazon’s product count has expanded to more than 200 million since the beginning of the year. That an average of 1.3 million products is added each day! Just for products. Now let’s talk books, shall we? According to Quora, Amazon’s daily eBook unit sales (Jan 2016) were 1,064,000 {2016 stats}. Keep in mind that number doesn’t include audiobooks or handbooks!


Hopefully, this information will help you to WRITE more and talk less.

If you need help in getting started or finishing your writing project. I am here to help you!

My name is LaNette and I’m an author and writing coach. In 2019, I was able to publish 4 books and 1 journal, 1 book which was listed on Amazon’s #1 Top Seller’s List. I help you bottle up what in your mind and publish it to maximize your income as a business owner or as a first-time author.



If you have questions about writing or self-publishing, please leave them in the comments and I will respond.


Chime IN I want to hear from you!

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