Writing Tips|For Writers and Aspiring Authors

Writing Tips|For Writers and Aspiring Authors

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Hello Writers!

I wanted to share these tips with you because this is a question that I find myself answering this question alot for people wanting to get more experience with writing. People sometimes ask me how I’m able to write so much so fast… Here’s my answer:

  1. When I write, I always remember the purpose of my writing. I absolutely don’t focus on the following:
  • Who will buy my books?
  • Who will follow me on social media?

Believe it or not, none of those things matter. If you continue to write great continue the followers will come.

Here’s what I do focus on when I write:

I focus on my purpose of writing in the first place. What is it all for?

a) I write simply to inspire others and I do focus on WHO my writing is for. As I’m writing my books, I have a certain audience in mind. This process is very similar to writing a letter to someone and not the letter that you address, “to whom it may concern.” Because I have a certain audience in mind for my writing, I don’t force my products on people that may not be interested. The people that love my writing and what I stand for will buy my books and other products.

2) When I write, I remember that my writing is a SOLUTION

If you solve a problem while you’re writing, then you’ve already mastered writing. You’re already a genius! You’re already a writing guru.

3) When I write, I remember my ULTIMATE purpose and goals for what I publish

As you write, ask yourself, “what is my end result of writing this book?”

For example, I recently wrote and self-published a book called, Words of Inspiration: 100 Days of Words. Why did I write that book? I wrote this book to help teen girls and women. In hopes that they won’t or wouldn’t make the same mistakes that I made as a young woman growing up. Who was my target audience? My core audience for this book is teens and women. Although, anyone can read the book, but that’s my core audience. Where would I like to see this book in the near future? I would like for this book to be given to teen girls when they are taking sexual education classes.
4) When I write, I remember that writing is my inspiration and my passion.
a) I don’t feel I can inspire anyone else if I’m not inspired. Writing is what keeps me motivated.

5) When I write, I remember that I can’t finish something that I’ve never started

Sometimes I feel alot of writers overthink writing. It’s not as hard as you think.


My name is LaNette and I’m an author and writing coach. In 2019, I was able to publish 4 books and 1 journal, 1 of my book was listed on Amazon’s #1 Top Seller’s List. I help you bottle up what in your mind and publish it to maximize your income as a business owner or as a first-time author. I pray this helps my aspiring writers/authors out there~LK

What do you struggle with as a writer?

Chime IN I want to hear from you!

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