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Writing Tips| Reasons Writers Should Focus on Writing Instead of Chasing Readers

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Reasons Writers Should Focus on Writing Instead of Chasing Readers

If most of us can be honest, we’ve all attempted to force our way into society’s norm of writers or chase the people that we wanted to read our work. For some strange reason, it’s in our nature to chase people instead of accepting the people around us. Let me give you an example of what I mean. How many of us have hosted a party and you’re sitting there with a room full of friends, but you spend more time watching the clock and attempting to call the person that didn’t show up?

Here’s an even better example, you decided to meet friends at the bar and everyone has arrived but that one person. Instead of enjoying the friends already at the bar, you are super concerned and worried about the friend or friends that didn’t show up. Don’t be ashamed, I’m sure we’ve all made this mistake a time or two.  We focus on the people that are not around instead of focusing on the people that are right in our faces. Believe it or not, alot of us tend to do this same thing when it comes to writing as well. We write and we focus on the ones not reading our work instead of planting our focus on the people reading and loving our writing.

I won’t lie to you, sometimes writing is hard for some of us. It’s not really the writing that’s hard, it’s the calculating of who will like our writing that’s hard. For most of us, we tend to write and wait. Then we write again and we wait and that’s what makes the writing journey hard. So here’s why you must decide now to stop the cat and mouse game of writing.

Sometimes as writers we tend to forget that writing is not a game, it’s a real deal journey. You are no longer playing games with your writing because you are an EXPERT. Trust me when I say that everyone can’t do what we do-we are writers. Better yet, we are writing experts! Once you let that sink into your brain that will motivate you NOT to chase your readers.

Once you realize that you’re the expert, then you need to remember and share what you are the expert of. What type of writing expert are you?  Believe it or not, this is what separates us from other writers. Alot of us tend to think that the writing market is saturated but it’s actually not. In my opinion, what tends to saturate the writing market are the copycats, yes I’m referring to plagiarists. I won’t spend too much time talking about them because anyone that has to copy our work are not real writers.

If I may use my earlier restaurant or bar example again, alot of us are sitting at a bar with people who CHOOSE to be there with us. Guess what, your writing is no different. The people that like you and your writing will also CHOOSE to read your writing. It’s just that’s simple. No chasing required.

So to sum this up, remember these three things as a writer and you will be fine:

  1. Remember you are the writing expert
  2. Focus on the  type of people you are looking for to share your writing expertise with
  3. Focus and appreciate the people who are reading your work-they are the only ones who matter

What concerns do you have about writing?

My name is LaNette and I’m an Author and Writing Coach. I help small-business owners and aspiring authors write and PUBLISH their stories. I’m a survivor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse. I’m also a wife, mother, and grandmother. Just last year, I pushed past my fear and published 4 books on Amazon, one which was named, Amazon’s #1 Top Seller.  For More Writing Tips Please Be sure to join me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and my PRIVATE Email List. Please click the links above to join! 



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