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Writing Tips|Getting Over Your Fear of Writing {How My First Plane Ride Story Will Help You As A Writer}

Years ago, you couldn’t have paid me to get on a plane. I had a phobia of heights so riding on a plane fit into that part of my fear. At least that’s how I sorted my fear of flying out in my mind.

Even the mere mention of vacations or other travels gave me anxieties because I didn’t want to consider places of long distances that required me to take a plane.

Just so I’m clear, I’ve always wanted to ride on a plane but the fear of actually doing it was so overwhelming.

For the longest time, my plan of avoiding plane rides worked. Until the day I was forced to ride on a plane. I will always remember the day I got a phone call from my best friend telling me that she had gotten us plane tickets due the close relative she was expecting to die was on life support and she needed me to travel with as support. At the moment, I realized I could let my best friend down. I had no other choice but to fly my very first time. Now that I’ve gotten over my fear of of flying you can’t pay me to drive for long hours for vacations instead of flying

Why am I telling you this story? How does my fear of flying relate to writing?

I’m ecstatic that you asked! I’m sharing this story about my prior fear of flying because it made me realized that a lot of us are hesitant to do the very things we love based on FEAR.

If most of us could be honest, we love writing, but it’s our fear that keeps us from it.

Here’s some of the fears I had with my writing:

1) I’m a little country girl from Texas. What happens if I write like I sound in person

2) What if I pursue my dreams of writing and no one reads my writing

3) My writing is not perfect

My name is LaNette and I’m an Author and Writing Coach. I help small-business owners and aspiring authors write and PUBLISH their stories. I’m a survivor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse. I’m also a wife, mother, and grandmother. Just last year, I pushed past my fear and published 4 books on Amazon, one which was named, Amazon’s #1 Top Seller.  For More Writing Tips Please Be sure to join me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and my PRIVATE Email List. Please click the links above to join! 

Please feel free to share your fears of writing below. Believe it or not, you are only able to combat your fears when you actually acknowledge them.

Chime IN I want to hear from you!

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