Writing Tips| What If? {Writing Exercise}

Hello Writers!

I have an amazing writing exercise for you today. Once you complete this you will be fine! Go to the nearest mirror in your home or office and look at yourself really, really good. I’m sure you’re wondering how looking in a mirror is a WRITING exercise right? Keep reading….

As you look at yourself, remind yourself that you are an amazing author or writer! Why is this exercise important? This mirror exercise is important because alot of you tend to forget how valuable YOU ARE as a writer. It is you that gives your pen and paper life and not the other way around.

Here comes a short story that I feel will inspire you as a writer.

I had an opportunity to speak to a young lady recently who stated she had the goal of getting her writing to Tyler Perry. {Who I absolutely love by the way} I kind of chuckled to myself and said, What if your writing makes you the next Tyler Perry? Would you still need him?” It’s funny how sometimes we don’t think of ourselves as the next big thing, but we are!

I’m sharing this writing exercise and short story with you because I want each of you as writers to believe in your writing.

Every day that you write, remember your purpose of writing and remember who it will impact. It’s okay to have big dreams of getting your writing to the big names in the writing industry but remember you are here as a writer to blaze your own trail.

My name is LaNette and I’m an Author and Writing Coach. I help small-business owners and aspiring authors write and PUBLISH their stories. I’m a survivor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse. I’m also a wife, mother, and grandmother. Just last year, I pushed past my fear and published 4 books on Amazon, one which was named, Amazon’s #1 Top Seller.  For More Writing Tips Please Be sure to join me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and my PRIVATE Email List. Please click the links above to join! 

Now that’s out of the way? Who’s writing and what are you working on?

Chime IN I want to hear from you!

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