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In Times Like These, What Do you Do?

Before I start with my two cents of why I wanted to share this article with you all, I first wanted to start this writing off with a poem that I wrote for times such as these:

If I Die Tonight

If I die tonight

…damn I just remembered I left dishes in the sink and a load of clothes in the washer.

If I die tonight, I’m wondering if I should send my mom’s birthday card now since I may not see September.

If I die tonight should I call into work today or?? If I die tonight, please tell my family I love them.

God, please forgive me for all the teacher I called another name than their own. Also, forgive me for all the white lies that I told. God also forgive me for all the things I’ve done that I vowed to take to my grave. If I die tonight, please forward all my bills to the gates of heaven.

{copyrights 2019 via LK}

The writing that I shared about is apart of my random writing collection. It depends on the day and time that

Let’s be honest.

No one was prepared for the pandemic that was forced upon us a month ago. People forced out of work and those that still have work due to being “essential”, are probably suffering from both anxieties and nightmares due to having to work in a place of the unknown. The unknown of working at a place that could house the very thing that could carry us to our graves. For some, not speaking or being around people is a breeze, but what about the people like me who love to talk and laugh and I genuinely love saying hello to people.

I love communicating. I love to laugh. I’m now forced to treat everyone like strangers. I’m forced to distance myself from people that I would normally eat and laugh with. I’m now forced to do the things that I would do in person over the phone or virtually.

So enough about our woes, now let me tell you why you should write during these times.

If you ever feel like you should ask yourself, “what do you do when all of that is taken away from you in ONE day? You WRITE! Use this downtime of being isolated, being separated from others, being along to gather your thoughts to write.

Believe it or not, it’s through our pain and frustration that we do our best writing. Whether your writing is random or intentional, it will be your best believe it or not. Recently, I upcycled a $3.00 pair of shoes and I reupholstered a 13-year-old ottoman. {Pictures on my Facebook Page}

If I could be totally honest it’s times like these that I get better at everything I do -cooking, cleaning, and everything and anything that keeps me sane.

Stay Strong and Stay Home Writers!

Use this Time Wisely!!

Let’s Stay Connect



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