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Resumes| Everything You Need To Know About You Next Resume

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Let’s talk resumes, shall we?
Even if you’re working right now through the coronavirus, you still should make sure thank your resume is up to date and has accurate information. Here’s a word to the wise, don’t wait until the “rainy day” happens to decide that you need an umbrella. Be prepared for the unexpected.

Writing resumes is one of my paid services that I offer within my business, but this weekend I completed resumes for free to people who were either struggling to find work or had recently lost their job. I wanted to help because I know what it feels like to have an unexpected to happen and you really not have a game plan in place. My services for resumes start at $85.00, but I wanted to share other ways to get resumes completed FREE of charge.

Not only does your local unemployment office assist with resumes but most of them have interview prepping services as well to get you prepared for upcoming interviews.
2) COLLEGES If you’re currently in college, check with either with the employment enter there on campus or the writing center could also assist.

If you’re currently working closely with second change facilities for ex-felons, drug rehab centers or centers for victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse, most of these facilities can help you as well. Although most of those types of programs will have job leads lined up for you, you still need to have your resume ready.
My goal is not to sell you my resume services, but just to encourage you to Always be prepared and expect the unexpected.

If you decide to go out on the limb and write your own resume, here are a few more quick tips about resume writing:

1) Don’t be afraid or lazy
If you’re applying for multiple positions, take out the time to make more than one resume to cater to each job type that you are applying for.
Make sure you provide updated information. For example, new addresses, new telephone numbers. You would be surprised about how many people complain about not getting called back after submitting their resume and their contact information is incorrect.

3) Check for spelling and grammatical errors
Remember you want your resume to be easy on the eyes and super easy to understand. Almost as it, a kid is going to read your resume. For this reason, you should avoid or provide the meaning of all abbreviations and acronyms.

4) Match the language of the job opening description. Match as many words from the job description. Here’s an insider tip: Most employers use a matching system that helps them to weed out the people that may not be qualified for their recent job posting.

5) Unless you’re applying for an executive type position you may want to keep your resume to one page. If you’re an executive you would need a CV instead. CV is an abbreviation for Curriculum Vitae.

[Bonus Tips About Resumes]
If you are self-employed you wouldn’t need a resume necessarily, you would want to complete a bio on yourself and your business. If you’re an artist of any kind you would one to complete a ONE SHEET. A one-sheet is a single-page document that showcases a specific product or service with the goal of promotion. A one-sheet normally includes a picture. Your resume shouldn’t include a picture but IF you must have a picture on your resume, make sure it’s a professional headshot similar to what you would post on LINKEDIN.

I also completed a YOUTUBE video on resume writing, please take a movie to watch my newest video there on Youtube. Don’t forget to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE.

My name is LaNette and I’m an Author and Writing Coach. I help small-business owners and aspiring authors write and PUBLISH their stories. I’m a survivor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse. I’m also a wife, mother, and grandmother. Just last year, I pushed past my fear and published 4 books on Amazon, one which was named, Amazon’s #1 Top Seller.  For More Writing Tips Please Be sure to join me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and my PRIVATE Email List. Please click the links above to join! 

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