Private Invitation to The Group of Healing


Women Are Roses is a book and EVENT that I created in my mind to celebrate both women in the United States and abroad. In 2019, ten beautiful women came together and shared and wrote their stories. We shared our stories not to be judged, but to share that if some of these things can happen to us it can also happen to you.

Life is not always the perfect picture that we try to paint it to be. Sometimes the things that we DON’T expect to happen to us can happen as well. Women Are Roses-the BOOK, shares our ups and downs but also shares how we moved on from our downs. If we can learn and heal from our LIFE experiences so can you!

People have asked me how did you tell such a detailed account of what happened to you and your family and not be ashamed? My answer is people will always talk about you regardless. Whether you chose to tell them your story or not, people will make things up about you.

Ultimately, my goal of sharing my story about domestic and sexual abuse in Chapter One of “Women Are Roses”, was because I came to the reality that “issues” and “life’s downfalls” don’t leave just because you don’t talk about them. In fact, it only makes matters worse. In addition, once I opened up about my background I met so many amazing people that had gone through either my same experience or something very, very similar.

Women Are Roses simply means that regardless of what you experience in life whether it is domestic violence, sexual abuse, breast cancer, mental illness or you fill in the blank, you are still a rose! No one can ever take your value. The purpose of this book and the event is to share that we healed. Together we are able to heal and grow together. We are no longer in the place where we were before..~~LK

Today, I’ve decided to create a group called, “Group of Healing” and in this group, we will not only share what we’ve experiences, but we will also use our UNITY to heal. Groups of Healing is a group connected to my Facebook page, [CLICK HERE TO JOIN]

Chime IN I want to hear from you!

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