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Inspiration| Reasons WHY You Should Allow Your Creativity To Flow

Inspiration| Reasons WHY You Should Allow Your Creativity To Flow
Hey Y’all!!
Most of us have made the mistake of suppressing what we are truly capable of or dismissing our ideas because we were waiting on the approval from people that haven’t done what we are trying to do or are not even capable of what we are trying to do.
As a writer or small business owner, we can’t wait for the approval of others. Once you have an idea to download in your mind you have to act on it immediately. Sometimes the ideas you have about your business or products may be for the NOW and sometimes what you’re creating may be for the FUTURE.
Here’s a story that I wanted to share with you that I always think about when I think of giving up. Let’s be honest, most of us have created something that we thought in our mind it was an amazing product, and then once it’s live and in action, no one is responding to it the way we thought they should have. If you haven’t had that to happen to you then kudos to you keep reading anyway.
A pastor once shared a story about how he was at an airport where the temperatures were scorching hot and people were just staring at him because he showed up to the airport ready to board the plane with a suit and a fur coat on. He said one person even asked him, “Mister do you not realize how hot it is here.” He said he just chuckled a bit because he knew that it was hot where he was, but his suit and coat was for the place he was going that was freezing cold. So in other words, he was prepared for the future and not necessarily for the now. 
What is the purpose of this story? 
I’m glad you asked!
I told you this story because I don’t want you to be discouraged when you create products to sell and no one responds or when you talk to people about your products and they make you feel totally stupid about your products or your business ideas. My point was to share with you that sometimes the ideas you have NOW may sometimes be for the future.. Don’t get discourage!!
Okay here’s the tidbit of inspiration: 
Long story short, when I wrote and published the book, “Am I A King?”, I knew my 6-month-old grandbaby couldn’t read YET, I knew that I was truly creating a product for his and other little boy’s FUTURE. Now let’s be honest, based on what our younger boys are seeing right now on the news, shouldn’t they be reminded that they are kings?
By the way, here’s what my new “Am I A King?” tees look like… Keep in my the book is still being sold on Amazon. I can only hope that more little boys get their hands on this book and tee RE-affirming that they are KINGS!

Chime IN I want to hear from you!

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