Inspiration| What Happens After Coronavirus: What You Need To Know For Your Writing or Small Business

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Hey Y’all,
Did you know that last week close to 2 MILLION people filed for UNEMPLOYMENT? [Per Washington Post] This number is MIND BLOWING!! We honestly don’t have time to debate with people, we don’t have time to hate. We don’t have time to get distracted. We have to stay focus on what we need to make happen after the CORONAVIRUS ends. Let me be the first to say that 2020 has been hard and it has been HELL. This is why as writers we can’t stop writing and we can’t stop our business.

I talk more about UNEMPLOYMENT in my recent Facebook Live. Click below to watch! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel. ~~~~> https://youtu.be/1fTVhS9d3N4
[I was inspired by Cleetus McFarland​ in this video]

Now is the time to grab your business ideas and get to work. If you don’t want a business, now is the time to get the dust off your resumes and get to work. I know this time is hard for everyone, but remember that after #covid19 you still need to be prepared for what’s next.. ~~Virtual Hugs!!

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