You’re Invited| Lipstick & Convos is a NEW platform for Writers & Business Owners

lipstick and convos

Hey Y’all,

Where are my manners?!? So about two months ago I created a platform for both small business owners and writers in order for us to learn and grow together in what we do best~business and writing. The name of my platform is called Lipstick & Convos and it’s for both men and women and it’s hosted every Friday at 5pm MST. Subscribe to my YOUTUBE Channel so you won’t miss this opportunity to be apart of our upcoming chats. I apologize again for not inviting each of you!

Be sure to get your pens and paper out, if you are a WRITER or Small-Business Owner, you will need this information from the video. In recent chats of my Lipstick & Convo journey,  I’ve been talking about how to promote your products and gain a few friends in the process. I know we touched on social media last week, but I share more amazing tips on how to use your social media pages to build your business during the coronavirus pandemic. If you start to implement these steps with your PROFESSIONAL pages today, you will start to see a change immediately. This is a BASIC method of building your social media pages and especially if you’re doing nothing at all. I hope this helps you guys! Go out there and soar. You got this.

Let’s Be Social!

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