Lipstick & Convos Recap|Social Media Tips for Writers & Small Business Owners

Lipstick and Convos Recap

Tips for Writers & Small Business Owners

When I started to see more small business owners and writers losing hoping because of coronavirus and the lock-in, I knew that I needed to do something so I created Lipstick & Convos LIVE Chat that takes place every Friday at 5pm MST on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. When I tell you that I created this platform to help more writers & small business owners please believe me. During this chat, you’re able to share your expertise and also ask questions right there during the chat, which makes it super easy to implement tips immediately after leaving the LIVE chat.

Since most of you may not have had a chance to connect with me on any of our Lipstick & Convos LIVE Chat platforms, I wanted to make sure that I shared the information during our recent episode here on this platform as well. During this episode, continued to talk about social media and how it can benefit writers and small business owners-especially during these #covid19 times.

Here are five steps to help get you on your way with social media. It will also help you to WATCH the latest Lipstick & Convo Chat by clicking here.

1) Start your Facebook and Instagram Pages

If you haven’t already please start your pages. Please let me know if you need help doing this, I can help you. Believe it or not, you will appreciate completing this step in the long run and you will be ahead of a lot of other business owners and writers. For some reason, a lot of writers do not like using professional Facebook pages. Here’s a helpful hint even if you don’t want a personal Facebook in your name as an author, you could always set up this professional Facebook page in the name of your book. The only downside of this would be, when you produce another book then you would almost be forced to set up a separate page for other books that you publish, which may be more work than what it’s worth.

2)Post often/Share Often

What’s super sad is most people after they set up their Professional Pages because they don’t know what to post so they allow their pages to just go dormant. This is why I say post, post, post. Now as you post please remember that everything you post doesn’t have to be YOUR post; you can also share from other people’s pages as well. I created tips on a recent blog that will help you what to post but when in doubt post the following:




~newspaper articles and then share your views especially if the article is in line when your beliefs.

Please read my previous article for more assistance with this.

3)Stay True To Why You Created Your Professional Platform

Don’t get sucked into what’s going on in your city, state, and country UNLESS it goes hand and hand with your page and your products. Keep your personal view and thoughts on your personal page. Unless you’ve addressed your support of community groups, when you created your page don’t switch after you’ve gained followers UNLESS you make a public announcement on your page to let your followers know.

4) Remember To Be Social

The funny thing about being social is when we tend to chat with the people online when we are in a room full of people and just the opposite when we are online. Keep the conversation going. If you post something as simple as a “Hello” on your page make sure you respond to everyone that has posted on your page and keep the convo going. Ask about the kids, asks about their pets and etc. Whatever conversation that keeps them on your page that’s exactly what you want.

5) After you’ve done steps one through four, do me a favor and do yourself a favor and use hashtags for every post.

Especially if you are using Instagram and Twitter.

Be sure you make every post count. Keep in mind that people have a short attention span so make sure you are giving out useful and relevant information for your business or products.

Here’s A Bonus:

If you make a post about someone always tag them. Along with the hashtags, tagging people that you’re speaking about just helps bring more attention to your page. If you’re posting on Instagram or Facebook, don’t forget to use the “location” feature which gives you the option to share where your picture originated from. This feature also brings more attention to your pages.

I hope this information helps you. Feel free to leave your comments below or ask questions that you have about how you are able to make social media work for you.

If you feel that this information is helpful please make sure that you join our LIVE CHAT every Friday at 5pm MST [Please Google What Timezone That Is For You]



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