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Lipstick & Convos Recap| How to Sell More Books & Other Products

Hello Writers and Business Owners!

As some of you may know, I created a platform for us as writers and business owners to learn about books and business. For some of you, this may be shocking news but as a writer, you are also a  business owner. So once you let that sink into your brain, here’s information you can use about your writing and your business. Every FRIDAY at 5pm MST, I host Lipstick & Convos which is a LIVE conversation about things we need to know about our business.

This past Friday, I shared how you can lock in sales via social media. Sales are typically a sore subject for some SMALL Business Owners and writers because we never want people to know when our products aren’t moving off of the shelves. We never want people to know when our books aren’t selling or collecting dust. Let’s be honest, when our products do sell, we just chalk it up as our business is a hobby and it’s not your actual income and other excuses that we tell ourselves-RIGHT? What if I told you that you are able to move products via social media? What if I told you that there is actually a way to PREVENT your products from collecting dust? Would you believe me?

Whether you believe me or not, I will give you these FIVE selling hacks that will help boost your business. Oh, and if you would like to join me Friday for our Lipstick & Convos LIVE Chat, please click the link for the outlet you would like to join. [Click HERE for Facebook LIVE and Click HERE for Instagram LIVE]

Watch Your Surroundings:

One piece of advice that I share with business owners and writers when they are just starting their social media page is to watch/follow authors or small business owners that have similar businesses or similar styles. Sadly when I make this suggestion, people hear follow similar business and steal, copy, and duplicate other business’s styles and social media posts. So let me take this moment to clarify what I mean….. First off, you don’t have to steal social media posts from anyone because you are creative that’s the whole reason that you are a writer or business owner in the first place right? RIGHT! When I suggest following others it’s only for you to watch things like how often they are posting, grab ideas about what they are posting and etc. As business owners and writers we never ever, ever want to duplicate because we want our social media pages to be authentic.

Now that I’ve clarified that piece of info, always watch what’s going on in the social media world. Watch your surroundings. You want to watch your surroundings in order to be informed with the latest viral trends which may also help you create your next products. For example, if you were to create something for the current coronavirus pandemic, it could be a t-shirt that reads,  “give me 6 ft” or just a simple shirt that reads, “back up.” I recently designed and created $15.00 masks that read, “KING” to match my recently released kid’s book, “Am I a King?” which is currently being sold on Amazon.


The reason for sharing this information with you is the more you stay aware of what’s going on the more you’re able to KEEP UP and integrate your style into the latest trends. If you sell products similar to multi-level marking products, try using latest slogans to sell your products.

Don’t Just Post Products 

You’re not the only one.. Alot of small business owners and writers use their pages to just post products. To be honest, most people feel that it’s my professional page so I can post what I want. However, when you want to create an audience that will subscribe to your page instead of muting it you may want to try to build communication on your page. Keep in mind, you have so much to offer your current and potential customers so don’t forget to show products, share other’s products, and also share education about who you and what you do and what you’re able to do for them. Doing this on your social media pages will create LOYALTY to your page instead of one-time customers. Keep in mind, it’s your page but it’s not just about you. It’s about other businesses as well.

Don’t Forget the Details

Believe it or not, most people don’t make sales on social media not because they don’t have great products but because they don’t share enough information on social media about their products. Always, always, always share the what, when, where, and how about your products to make it super easy for people to purchase your products.

  • HOW much
  • WHERE can I find this product
  • WHAT is it
  • WHEN is the product for sale

All relevant questions when purchasing products online right? RIGHT!

Make Your Products PLEASING To The EYE

Let’s be honest for a minute. When we’re talking about a product that we can’t see, what really makes it appealing to us? HOW IT LOOKS! It’s how something is presented online that makes us decide whether or not we want the product or not. Make sure that what you’re selling has amazing presentation. Sometimes you’re able to create amazing visual products from Canva [which I discussed in last week’s Lipstick & Convos] and sometimes you need to hire a graphic design professional especially when you’re considering long-term items such as packaging and etc.  Trust me you will THANK me later on this tip.


I’ve said in the past treat people online like you would treat them in person UNTIL I realize that some people have no personality online or in-person. So for this tip I will just say to be nice to your current and potential customers. Remember that people have choices and if they interested in your business or products, that alone is a reason to be nice to people.



Don’t spam. IF people haven’t shown interest in your business don’t spam them. You have an audience that’s wanting what you have and it’s your job to find the customers looking for you and not spam the ones who aren’t.


Set goals for your products. Treat your products like they are a hot commodity. Share your goals with your customers or potential customers. For Example: “I only have 20 books that I’m selling tonight and once they’re gone they’re gone.” “Everything must go.” Using terms and phrases like my examples will help you clear your shelf of unsold products.”

Hope this helps you all.

Join me on Fridays LIVE for more social media business tips.






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