Hello I’m LaNette K


First let me thank you for stopping by and browsing my website. It’s also my hope that you will take a moment out to join my page and also SHARE my page with others. I created this website to inspire everyone.

I’m a Marine and Police wife, mother of two beautiful children, caregiver to a mother that suffers from dementia and a true friend to anyone who is honest. If someone asked me to describe my life I would describe it as the puzzle God allowed me to piece together.

Throughout my life I’ve had some bumps in the road and I’ve spent half of my life trying to either hide or sugarcoat my circumstances. I’m taking you on this journey with me because I’m no longer running from the skeletons in my closet, but I’m facing them DEAD ON. I’m no longer hiding my past.  I’m taking each of you on this journey with me because I realized that if I’ve  had some bumps in the road and so have many of you. Let’s tackle them together! Let’s grow together! Let’s live!

I’m just a woman that God created to change the world. I’m changing the world one movement at a time! One SONG at a time. My latest song is dear Jesus, which is a letter I wrote directly to Jesus!



Chime IN I want to hear from you!

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